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Synthetics Pings Failed From One Location (but were successful from others): Feature Idea



Thanks @Mike.G - your details will be helpful to the product team. I will log a feature request from you as well and we’ll update this thread if we learn anything more.


+1 Would love to see this feature getting implemented!


Thanks for adding your voice to this request, @martin.johansson! I have created a feature request for you as well. :thumbsup:


Why NR takes so long to implement some basic feature request… NR should provide some alternative. Many times I am facing this issue with Newark Node and while we check, site is working fine.

Some basic features are currently lacking in NR stack which is available with almost all competitors.


Same way is for Mass muting alerts during maintenance window. If Everything has to be done through API then whats a use of being SAAS provider.


Hey @jain_Reshu-Vendor! Thanks for adding your voice behind this idea! I have created a voting poll at the top of this thread, so please give it your official vote! This helps product prioritize new feature ideas.

I encourage anyone who has any alternative or workaround (like you mentioned above) to please share! Thanks very much! :blush:


Hello, everyone: While it is obviously not as convenient as having this feature built into the product, one of our Technical Account Managers has created a plugin that retrieves Synthetics stats from Insights and publishes them to New Relic. If you have access to our new Alerts feature, you may use this data to trigger an alert only when, say, 25% of locations have failed.

Please note that this is an outside project developed by an individual developer. It is not developed or supported by New Relic; use at your own risk.

Relic Solution: Alert on X Synthetics Failures in Y Minutes

I’ve used the plugin that @philweber recommended and I’m seeing my status, but what is the “right” NRQL to trigger the alert?

This is what I’m using right now and with 4 ping tests every 15 minutes, I have it set to alert if there are more than 1 alert in 5 minutes

SELECT uniqueCount(responseStatus) FROM SyntheticRequest WHERE URL = ‘https://mypingtesturl’ and responseStatus = ‘Service Unavailable’

I kept my application down for 10 minutes and my individual ping checks alerted me, but not the aggregated synthetics monitor.


Hi, @Beau: I’m not sure that Ping monitors generate SyntheticCheck events; you may have to use a Simple Browser or Scripted Browser monitor for this to work.

If I understand correctly, you are checking from 4 locations every 15 minutes, and you want to be alerted if more than one location is failing? In that case, I would use this NRQL:

--- Retrieve the number of failing locations
SELECT uniqueCount(locationLabel)
FROM SyntheticCheck
WHERE monitorName = 'My Monitor'
AND result = 'FAILED'

Set the NRQL alert condition to create an incident if the sum of values is greater than 1 within 15 minutes.


I’d like to ask for a real update on this. As well as one to this thread, in which I’ve also asked for an update.

I think both are asking for virtually the same feature, so can we merge them and their poll data? 116 total votes, almost 3 years of waiting, and no real comments in over a year.



Hey @Hayorti - Thanks for your reply! Our engineers are definitely aware of this being an issue, and I’ll bring your +1 to this feature request internally.
Currently the workaround is as @philweber suggested, to use NRQL alerts on the number of failing locations. I’ll post back here with any updates I get from our engineering team.