Tagging in the Nerdgraph API to replace Labels

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We use Synthetic monitors and attach labels to allow us to filter in the UI


The Labels API was depreciated this week and I am exploring the new tag API in NerdGraph. But I don’t seem to be able to repeat the same behaviour.

When I add a “tag” to a synthetic monitor, it is not being displayed as a “label” or “category” in the Synthetics view.

However if I go into New Relic One, I can see a tag has been successfully created. As a test I added “Application:assessments”


To do this I used this mutation:
mutation {
tags: { key: “Application”, values: [“assessments”]}) {
errors {

How do I use the New API to maintain functionality?

I expected to see “Application” appear as a label above (can’t attach image due to limits)

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Hey @chris.tamlyn - Tags are the new NR1 Only version of labels. They will not be visible in the older Synthetics UI.

That’s a shame @RyanVeitch we find this useful. Is there is some way in NR1 to create a similar table and group by tags?

Is the Synthetics UI getting deprecated soon or something?

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Hi @chris.tamlyn

There’s a lot more info in the post below;

but the summary is that labels in both APM and Synthetics are reaching end of life. In favour of New Relic One Tags.