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Tags or logical groups for New Relic


**`I would like to be able to segregate infrastructure alerts/notifications based on logical groupings of servers out of the box with New Relic. It has been a disaster trying to get teams to create yml files for their individual servers to allow us to create diverse alerting

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Hi Gerald!

When you refer to the yml files, are you talking about getting your teams to set custom_attributes in the newrelic-infra.yml configuration files?

If so, are there any other attributes to the servers that could be relied on to organize them that don’t need to be defined in the config?

If there’s a consistent pattern to the host names, setting up alert policies filtered to hosts with a specific string in their name should be an option. For example, if the host names were patterned like division_1-team_b-host003, then setting an alert with a host filter "contains division_1-team_b" to alert on issues with any Team B host should be an option.

Does that sound like it might be a viable option, or is a different approach needed here?

– Patrick