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Take ActiveJob::Que queue/default



Hi folks,

I am trying to figure out what part of a slow web request I need to optimize.

I have found the slow transaction, and it is definitely a controller action that I expected.

However, when I look at the break, I am surprised to see Take ActiveJob::Que queue/default taking up 54% of the time of the entire request. I wanted to make sure that I am interpreting that correctly.

I am not sure how to create a permalink, but this is the link I am using.

Thank you!


Hi @leiva.steven, just wondering if this is the right transaction?

If so your interpreting it correctly, the Take method took a long time here, which falls under the MessageBroker category.

You can also get more details by setting up Transaction Traces :slight_smile:


Hello @rdouglas - thank you for the response. The link you gave me is relative - for example, when I clicked on it it brought me to the last 30 minutes ending right now.

However, I think your response means that I am interpreting the data correctly, and I will be looking into transaction traces.

Thank you very much - I will reply back to this thread with any follow-ups.

  • Steven