Teams Integration Issues

Under APM, I do not have a way to connect to teams according to the documentation. All I have is this screen. See attached.

Is there an additional License key we need?

Hi, @jroy: What are you hoping to do with Teams in New Relic APM?

Get the alerts into a Teams Channel so Channel members can respond quicker. Email is not always responded too quickly

Ah, OK. You set that up under Alerts & AI, not APM. You must configure a webhook notification channel to send notifications to Microsoft Teams.

There are some topics in the community in which members have shared how they have done this. You may find this one helpful:

Sorry, is there a step by step for Teams?

I am not aware of a step-by-step for Teams; it is not officially supported by New Relic. You may wish to post a message in the topic I linked above, and ask if one of the members who has done it can walk you through what they did.

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