Tech Talk: Mobile Crash Analysis

Mobile Crash Analysis :iphone:

In this Tech Talk, we’ll take a look a Mobile Crash Analysis and see how it powerful it is. My guest is Devin Cheevers @dcheevers, and he’ll show us Mobile Crash Analysis in action.

At New Relic, we believe not all mobile app crashes are created equal. Some happen at critical moments. Others may serve as a “canary in the coal mine” to warn of future problems. And some need to be fixed, but you can fix tomorrow. That’s why getting information about crashes, and being able to sort on multiple dimensions of your crash data is so important.

Mobile Crash Analysis lets you evaluate the impact of a crash to prioritize it and understand the context of a crash to more easily reproduce it.

Mobile Crash Analysis is available for Mobile Enterprise Customers. Log into New Relic, head to the Mobile tab, select one of your apps, and look for the “crash analysis” menu item on the left side of the screen. You’ll see new crash rate charts, filtering and grouping, custom and default attributes, and interaction trails for every occurrence.

(In the video, @dcheevers says you get to see the last seven days of data, but he was being miserly. You actually get 90 days of data!) :tada:

Enjoy this Tech Talk and let us know below if you have any questions, comments or use cases you wish to chat about!

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