Tech Talk: New Relic Alerts

Tech Talk: New Relic Alerts

As you may already know, we’ve reimagined the idea of alerting on the New Relic platform. We have evolved New Relic Alerts so you can resolve issues faster and with less noise before they turn into a fire :fire:. With a few clicks, you will receive notifications when leading performance indicators spike or drop. In this 20 minute Tech Talk, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Chhavi Nijhawan (@chhavi) shows you:

  • How to learn which alerting features you currently use
  • The ways New Relic Alerts have improved over time
  • Baseline Alerting
  • NRQL Alerts (that’s right, set an alert on any NRQL query!)
  • Baseline NRQL Alerts —a powerful mash-up
  • The Alerts API

Alerting is performance monitoring made vocal. Watch our Tech Talk and learn how you can catch problems before they reach your end users!

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Upcoming Changes for New Relic Servers and legacy alerting features

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