Tech Talk: See it Quickly with Health Map

New Relic Health Map is a single place to visually monitor the health of all your apps and their related hosts, prioritized by health status. It provides a high-density, color-coded view of all your applications and the multiple hosts they rely on so you can more quickly pinpoint any problems. In this Tech Talk, Product Marketing Manager @rtharisayi will show you Health Map in action.

Health Map delivers one combined view of all of your applications and the infrastructure hosts that the applications depends on. Better still, Health Map detects these relationships automatically—no configuration required!

We cover:

  • What environments(s) Health Map is designed for

  • How it displays hosts, whether they are on-prem, in the cloud, or Docker containers

  • How can you easily flip between Host-based and App-based views

  • How to drill down when a host has a problem

  • The difference between Health Map and Service Maps

  • How Health Maps displays on your phone

  • How to get this great functionality as a New Relic user

(you need a subscription to both APM and Infrastructure. If you already have APM, you can get a free trial of Infrastructure to see Health Map in action)

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