Tech Talk: The Cloud, Scaling, Docker, Lambdas and more!

Here’s a Tech Talk discussion with Lee Atchison about the monitoring and the cloud. Lee is the Senior Director, Strategic Architecture at New Relic. Lee has 30 years of experience with architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications, so it’s always great to talk to him.

We discuss

  • The difference between static and dynamic cloud and why autoscaling is important.
  • Who owns scaling your application?
  • What can a NR user do today to monitor cloud apps?
  • How host-based pricing doesn’t work in a cloud-based environment
    (and what we’ve done about it).
  • How well does NR monitor Docker?
  • Do Docker container instances count as hosts?
  • Does New Relic monitor Lamba instances?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lambdas?
  • Should you put the NR APM agent onto a Lamdba function? (Spoiler: No! Watch to find out why.)

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