Telemetry client error

In the CLoudWatch Logs - I’m noticing the errors below.

  • Post “”: i/o timeout (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)
  • [NR_EXT] Sent 0/1 New Relic payload batches with 2 log events successfully in 6003.427ms (6002ms to transmit 0.0kB).

Current Setup


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  4. quite a few more articles, unfortunately they were not helpful.


The newrelic-log-ingestion lambda requires a stable internet connection to be used. It is likely that you will need to contact AWS for further assistance in troubleshooting your connection for your VPC:

Hello @rstarnes,

Thanks for responding.

You had mentioned in your response. But to me that seems as though its meant to send CloudWatch logs to NewRelic. I was under the impression that I’m utilizing newrelic-lambda-extension, which means that I would not have utilize CloudWatch logs or Kinesis.

In terms of stable internet connection, upon checking aws services and statuses -


Ah thanks for getting back to me with that. The lambda extension works with the aws-log-ingestion lambda to forward logs from Cloudwatch to New Relic. The lambda extension itself can’t forward logs directly to New Relic but writes logs to Cloudwatch and then those logs are forwarded with the aws-log-ingestion lambda.

@rstarnes - thanks for getting back.

I must be missing the point here - Under the Hood of New Relic’s Lambda Extension - New Relic Blog mentions that NewRelic extension bypasses the need for CloudWatch. Essentially reducing the cost associated with it.
Again, I could be missing the point entirely and if that is the case then I would ask if any you can link any documentation to help out.

Screenshot above is from within NewRelic when attempting to link up AWS and the account.

At this point, I’m not sure where to go with this. I’ve worked with Aws support and there is a likelihood that they will just point me back to NewRelic Support.

@petro I recommend bringing this up again if it’s still something you’re having trouble with but I would do it in the Lambda section where more of those experts will see: