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Terminated EC2 Instance still appears in Infrastructure



Terminated EC2 Instance still shows up in Infrastructure page

Our EC2 instance named production-service-order-2 was uncleanly terminated (AWS took over a week to fix it as it was stuck shutting-down). For some reason, it still seems to show up in the Infrastructure monitoring pages and alerts.

  • Infrastructure Hosts Permalink

  • EC2 instance was running Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS

  • Infrastructure Agent version 1.11.22

  • Infrastructure Subscription level: Essentials

  • This host is still appearing in Infrastructure Hosts page and still causing alerts. I expected this host to disappear and any related alerts to be closed.

I have an open support ticket with AWS about this issue. I’m currently not sure whether the problem lies at their end or with NewRelic Infrastructure.


Hello @bill.ruddock, Looks like the host isn’t terminated fully. Infrastructure agent gathers all metrics from the host as long as it is running. If you want to uninstall the Infrastructure agent from the host, you can do so with the instructions here:


Hi @zahrasiddiqa, thanks for your response. I have been assured by AWS that the instance has been fully terminated and is no longer running.

The stats (100% CPU, 398 load avg, 57.2% Mem) have been static since the original shut-down attempt on 11 May. This suggests to me that maybe it is just stuck in some way on the NewRelic side.

I can’t uninstall the infrastructure agent as the ec2 instance is no longer running.


@bill.ruddock in order for data to be demonstrated in the UI, it must be coming from an agent. Identifying the source of mystery data is not uncommon because there are so many ways to identify (or misidentify) a host. Sometimes DNS hostname resolution will pass the name of an old host onto a new one. Sometimes there are 2 hosts that have the same name and show overlapping data. It’s hard to say what happened exactly, but here’s a query that might help to identify which host this is:

Are you able to identify a matching EC2 instance based on the entityKey in that query?