Terraform Dashboard URL Still Goes to Insights

Since the new NR1 Dashboard Pages is not supported in the API/Terraform module yet. I have been creating a workaround by using the Markdown widget to create hyperlinks to other dashboards.

Unfortunately the terraform module dashboard_url output still references the insights url… and not the new NR1 urls.

Link Generated => https://insights.newrelic.com/accounts/2364728/dashboards/1451454

The old NR Insights link is not compatible with the widgets we create in Terraform…

Any chance the terraform module output could be updated?

Or add the ability to export the Entity Guid of the dashboard so we can create these URLS instead:


Hi @Philip.Loh, unfortunately this is a limitation of the REST API response, but I can pass this use case to some folks so others are aware of your implementation.

Once dashboards are added to our NerdGraph API, we can look into this functionality :slightly_smiling_face: