Terraform Plan Errors with New Relic Entity Resource (UPDATED)

Hi - Anyone else getting JSON unmarshal errors when running tf plan on their repo that uses the New Relic Terraform Provider? This just started today, yesterday everything was fine.

This is the error I am getting:
Error: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go struct field entitySearchResponse.data.actor of type nrtime.Minutes
1343 on modules/synth_script_api/main.tf line 48, in data “newrelic_entity” “entity”:
1344 48: data “newrelic_entity” “entity” {

I already logged a bug within the Go Client here: Getting JSON Unmarshal Errors from TF Plan using NR Provider · Issue #612 · newrelic/newrelic-client-go (github.com)

Update 01.15.2021 - Based from correspondence in the bug logged above, this issue is only happening on version 2.14.1 of the New Relic provider and is now fixed on version 2.15.0.

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@allan.bernardo this should be resolved now, the Github issue has been updated.