Testing after TLS v1.2 upgrade

my Desktop application uses NewRelic. I have been told to upgrade NewRelic Event API to use TLS 1.2 before Feb2023.
i have done required code changes. However, need to test it before releasing to all clients.
Can you please provide a dummy URL of NewRelic (Where only TLS1.2 is allowed) for testing purpose? Or is there any other way to test it before releasing our Desktop application?


Hi @mtaquiuddin

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Hummmm, this is not within my usual scope however please allow me sometime to do some digging and see what support I can find.

Please note I will reach out via this post with my findings.

Hi @mtaquiuddin

I did a little digging and located this following doc which should help here.

Please note that all inbound connections for all domains require Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or above. For more information, see our Explorers Hub post about TLS 1.2.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.

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