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Testing Simple Ping alerts


We are transactioning from the legacy alerting to the New Relic alerting where we require to setup a simple ping to replace the availability monitoring. Is there a way of testing both the availibility monitoring and the simple ping to see which monitor is the right monitor for us


That is a wonderful idea to switch to New Alerts :thumbsup:

As for replacing availability monitors we are encouraging our customers to use Synthetics ping monitors. You can choose to keep both but keep in mind that when the EOL(End-of-Life) date reaches, the availability monitors will no longer be available.

In the meantime, you can choose to keep both legacy and new alerts, just make sure you won’t click on the banner on legacy alerts that displays transition to New Alerts.


Synthetics monitors have a more robust fail logic than the availability monitor. When a failure occurs from any location - two more checks are immediately queued. If the third check fails - that location is marked as failing. We also have this great community post that explains this matter in more details:

You do have a Lite Synthetics subscription, which gives you 50 free ping monitors. I am providing more information on Synthetics monitors below:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Is there a way of being able to compare the legacy alerting to the New alerting.

I would like to be able to see how many time the legacy alerts are triggered compared with the new policies.
When it comes to presenting the work I have carried out it would be a good gauge to see the difference and how it has reduced alert fatigue.


Hey @peter.cowen1 - yes. We can put you in “Hybrid Alert” status so that you have access to both sets of Alerting features. I’m going to open a ticket for you so that our support engineers can get you set up. Be on the lookout!