The application does not have alert settings configured when NRQL alerts are configured


There are several configured alert conditions in a policy for the application.
2 of them are active(enabled) and are of NRQL type.

When I go to the application -> Settings -> Alert conditions, I see the following message does not have alert settings configured.

Is it possible to link policy/alert conditions with the application?

Hey @denys.dushyn, NRQL alerts will not show on the APM overview page as the alert condition is not based on existing metrics/charts but rather a custom NRQL query.

You would have to create APM metrics alert conditions to see them on the APM overview page.

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Hello @zahrasiddiqa
Thank you for the explanation.

Yes, a customer NRQL query is used. In the most cases it contains application name. And I thought that the alert system could understand that.

Is it possible somehow to associate alert conditions with a specific application without creation of APM metrics alert conditions?

Hello @denys.dushyn, it is not possible to link NRQL alert conditions to the APM overview page. You would have to set up APM specific alerts for that.

You could however create an Insights dashboard to view the apps that have violated the alert condition with something like this:

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