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The C SDK is here!



We know you need an agent for C, C++, Rust, Perl, Lua, Swift, old .NET Core, ….

We heard you.

Today we have released the C SDK , offering an API that will enable you to instrument applications that aren’t supported by any other New Relic APM agent languages. That is, any application written in C or in a language that supports a C foreign function interface (FFI) can use the C SDK.

We released this software as a new Open Source Software project on New Relic Github

To use the SDK, you will need to directly instrument your application. It is not possible to auto-instrument compiled languages such as C or C++ (or Golang, for which we also have something that is more like an SDK rather than a true ‘agent’). This means that you will be able to control exactly what is instrumented, and also can take the opportunity to add custom attributes to tie performance to business measures. With just a few lines of code, your application using the C SDK will report runtime metrics, transaction tracing, and other real-time metrics vital for you to understand the health and performance of that application.

For more:
Go to download the agent here.

View our docs and Github readme and Github guide files.

Let us know what you think!!

Feature Idea: Add Support for NServiceBus Version 6

do you have any samples for rust applications?


Hi svakacharla,

Rust samples and bindings are in the works, but are not available yet. We will let you know once they are available.

In the meantime you could use the Rust FFI to call C SDK functions from Rust code.