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The New Relic Fundamentals Certification program is here!



The New Relic Fundamentals Certification program will help you build the foundation you need to become an expert on the New Relic Observability Platform.

Get the skills and knowledge you need to use New Relic to see what’s happening in your application, understand where the problems are, discover opportunities for optimizing your entire application ecosystem, and make sure you never miss an issue that needs attention.

Go to the Certification Program Overview to get all the details and instructions you will need to complete the certification course.

New Relic Fundamentals Certification Coursework

The New Relic Fundamentals Certification Program is made up of three components designed to take you through the basics you need to know to manage your applications and services.

1. Performance Monitoring with New Relic

In this course, you’ll get a high level overview of the New Relic Platform and how it works – from what each product monitors and what data they collect, to the ways they work together to give you a complete picture of your whole architecture.

2. Select a New Relic Product Course

Start by selecting the course covering the product for which want to be certified. Each course will take you step-by-step through what you need to know for that product.

Right now this step only includes New Relic APM, but stay tuned - we will have more course modules for each New Relic product rolling out soon!

3. New Relic Alerting

Make sure you never miss an issue that needs your attention. In this course, you’ll learn how to create an alert policy to fit your monitoring needs and how to set up your notification channels so issues get addressed by the right people right away.

Ready to get started? Head over to the New Relic Fundamentals certification page now!

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Thanks team. Just completed the trio of tests. Lots of content there.
Personally I found the first exam a good level for regular NR users (without the need for study).
Second exam - challenging exam that you need to lean on some learning to get through. And maybe some Googling mid exam.
Third exam - Intermediate exam to work through. Was okay to get through with NR open in another tab.

Personally I think I will get my team to complete the first exam and only 1 or 2 to go through the full suite.

In terms of toughness, it would probably make sense to make the APM one easier and the alerts one harder.

Another piece of feedback, please get someone to proofread the tests as there is some odd kind of sentences.

Thanks for the uplift.


That’s great feedback @Carl.Schodde - thanks for that. We’ll pass it over to the NRU team. :smiley:


If they have more questions about my feedback get them to reach out to me


Got the new cert. Love the post to LinkedIn feature.
How far away are the other certs?


Hi @Carl.Schodde,

Just want to second what Ryan said about your feedback - very helpful and much appreciated!

We’ve been hard at work getting the next cert ready - coming very soon!
Also, we’re always looking to catch those pesky typos! Hopefully we’ve caught a lot of them by now, but if you notice others, you can let us know about them at


Any chance we can convince you to make the certification last two years? Currently it is only valid for one.


I’m going to pass your request on to the NRU team @monitoringLife

My guess at the moment is that the answer will be no, but don’t take that as certain yet.

The reason I say that is that, the old certification was solely APM focused. And while new features came out, not a huge amount changed in terms of the certification material being still valid.

The fundamentals course covers a much larger variety of topics, and it’s growing more and more.

Since this certification covers more, it is more susceptible to becoming out of date as features are updated.

This, at least, is my guess at why the cert is 1yr instead of 2yrs, like I said I’ll check in with the team for you though.