There is no AjaxRequest in NRQL


I’m trying to build a dashboard which shows AJAX metrics.
But my simple NRQL returns 0 AjaxRequests:
SELECT count(*) FROM AjaxRequest WHERE appId = ***** SINCE this quarter LIMIT 1000.

Hi @ilia.hubich sorry to hear you’re having issues retrieving Ajax requests. I would advise reading through the troubleshooting steps for Ajax Data Collection.

If that does not help, let me know and we can look into this further.

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I don’t have AjaxRequests in Insights too. I’m collecting data with Browser Agent.
I have pretty charts in Browser Section, but in Insights i am unable to query AjaxRequests. What can I do?

I’m running into similar problems as well where the queryable data in Insights is drastically different from what I can view in the Browser application view.

When I view the Browser Application, I can see lots of events being tracked.

But when I query the same application in Insights so that I can build some cross-application dashboards, I get basically no data back.

Hi @nmcnamara,
I’ve checked all the points from troubleshooting steps for Ajax Data Collection .

  1. We use XMLHttpRequest
  2. The object is instrumented.
  3. Network access is ok.

In the network tab I see:

But still, I don’t have any data in Insights.
Also would like to mention that we have a SPA.

Hi everyone -

Thanks for your patience everyone. We did some research here and I think I have an explanation for you.

We don’t record all AJAX requests for Dashboards. The AjaxRequest event type is only recorded for AJAX requests that happen as part of a BrowserInteraction , which is part of our SPA monitoring. If your application is not a single page application, then it’s unlikely that the application will record any AjaxRequest events in Insights.

So depending on what kind of application page this is there will be some holes in what Ajax data is gathered. However, you should be able to mitigate this by using the copy/paste SPA pro feature approach. This should hopefully gather the info you are hoping to see into insights. Let us know how this goes!