There is no good way to tag or import/export users in user management

import export bulk users much needed feature & managing different team’s user & tag them to organize cost per team or department. As user is highest paid license in newrelic one should be able tag them.

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I’ve been struggling around a similar issue.
The work around I implemented at my company was to scrape various NR API’s and insert/update entries into a relational database I maintain on my end that tracks all the meta-data and relationships I needed. One of the bits I have been working on recently, but have not implemented yet, was basically a tag for tracking who authorized a given user to get an FSO license. Some users are on multiple teams, or associated with special projects in our company, and often exist in many sub accounts and so trying to trace these users back to the correct budget for chargeback has been a bit of a challenge.

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Thanks for sharing your use case and workaround @MarcNetterfield! It’s really appreciated!

Does that help @rupesh.chamatkar2?

It is just overhead to platform admins to manage it separately. newrelic should deliver simple feature of tagging users for the same.