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Thread Profiler not showing up for jRuby Application



We are using new relic to monitor a jRuby Sinatea application (v 1.9) using new relic. I have installed the new relic gem and imported in the application using require.

We like to do thread profiling , xray and more information for garbage collection. I don’t see any data in thread profiler. Do we need to install the java agent too?


Hey @anant.sajnani1~!

I wouldn’t expect you to need the Java agent installed for a jRuby app. Can you send us a link to the application so I can check it out?


Thanks @jkinsey. I sent you the application link in a private message. jRuby runs on the java platform so thought we need a java agent also.


I’m seeing the page, so it doesn’t seem to be a UI issue but I don’t see any saved thread profiles. Can you tell me a bit more of what happens when you press Start Profiler (I don’t want to do this on your application)? Does it fail? Do your results vary with a 1 or 2 minute profiling session instead of 5 minutes?


I don’t see start thread profiler button. Do you ?


I do! I’m on a Mac on the latest version of Chrome. If you don’t see it, please let me know if you think this may be a UI issue.

Under Events, I’m going to Thread Profiler.


Thank you. I don’t see the start thread profiler in chrome or safari. I am on a mac too.

. Could this be access related?


Hi, @anant.sajnani1: Yes, you must be an account administrator or have the APM Manager role in order to run the thread profiler. You might check with your account administrator and see if you have the necessary permissions.


Thanks for the quick response.


Thanks I can see the start profiler option now. I still do not see stats for ruby heap size, object allocations and constant cache invalidations. Do you know why?


Do you meet the minimum requirements listed here?


Yes i do. Do I need to enable GC::Profiler? Can I enable it in newrelic.yml?


Did you follow the link in the documentation? You must enable it in your application’s initialization code.


Thank you. I will look into it.


Awesome! Let us know how that goes @anant.sajnani1