Threshold Value - Call Count is not in the list of values

I am not seeing the option of “Call count” in the selected list of values from threshold values when setting a threshold for a custom metrics.

Screenshot attached.

You should be able to get what you’re looking for by choosing throughput. Give that a try and let me know how it works out. If you’re still having troubles we can get you in a ticket to work more in depth on this.

Thanks a lot David. I have set it using throughput now. Basically, this custom metric is for specific failed calls and we want to alert if the failures are above a certain value. I have setup the alert as below and hoping this is the right setup.

Are you sending up the metric every minute regardless of whether there are errors? You can have problems with incident closure and opening if you aren’t sending it consistently

This metric is sent only when there are errors. Is there a way for closure in this case?

The problem here is that you’ll need at least five minutes of data to evaluate for opening and then also five minutes for closing. If this is a custom metric are you able to send it up every minute?

We send custom metric like this:

if call fails -> Send ‘Custom/EWS/…/Failed’ along with time taken (duration)
if call succeed -> Send ‘Custom/EWS/…/Successful’ along with time taken (duration)

Please let me know if there is more optimal way of sending this or if we can use this format for alerting on failed cases. Our goal is to alert if there are 50+ failed calls in last 5 minutes.
We always log these calls, matter is we log Failed or Success only and not both.

Can you send me a permalink to your app? I’d link to poke around in your metrics and see if it looks like this is being sent up regularly enough to use. When in doubt: look at the raw data :smiley:

Here is the permalink:[end]=1452544355&tw[start]=1452542555

Great, thanks! I’ve looked at one of the metrics for the policy you’ve created targeting FindItems and I think it isn’t working quite the way you’re intending. I’m going to open up a ticket for you so that we can work on this and possibly schedule some time to talk.

Be on the lookout for an email!

Thanks a lot David…

Hi @parrott ,

Do you know if the issue was resolved? I’m trying to create an alert from custom metrics, but I need to use the “Call count” option.

Best Regards