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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Cool, waiting… :slight_smile:


@tusharbangar37 try this out


Hi @Linds I’m done with all the Spring Cleaning Means Winning Big requirements.
Let me know if something is left.

Waiting for Mystery Swag prize now !!!:slight_smile:


@ashutosh : I am inviting you to join here.


@Linds : Waiting for Mystery Swag prize now :smile:


@johan.nordanfors Let’s get that Swag Pack!


Done. Waiting for the swag pack !


Why hello! I can confirm that you are all set. Expect an email from us when the month closes!


@alexh, check it out, man!


@Linds @hross
I’m following all the steps and completed below all the task as per mention.

Please verify and provide my gift Bag



@vikramsawant99 - Looks like you’re all set :smiley:


Thank You Buddy :yum:


@leke.oluwasanmi free stuff! :laughing:


Wow, this is exciting!! @peter_hall


:wave: Reporting for mystery swag. Hard to mention co-workers when they haven’t been migrated here though. :disappointed:


:family_man_woman_girl_boy: @ayotunde.obasanya :wave:


You got one! Nice work @sasha.gerrand!


@vinodmusic12 : welcome to the community!


Thanks @brandon.g ! yey! :smiley:


Wow! Thanks a lot! :smile: