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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



@nigu35712 welcome! - checklist completed for swaaag


@stan.melamed spring cleaning :slight_smile:


@mmerchant free stuff!


@David.Bell are you part of this as well?


@Julian.Collins are you part of these forums?


Yes, welcome to the party Mr Williams. Better late than never. :grin:


@TimW - yes I am on here


Thank you @diego.nascimento for joining us :slight_smile:


Hi folks! It’s officially the last week of spring cleaning and we’re up to 79 people who have done ALL the tasks. Nice work everyone! Here are all the folks that have made the cut so far:

@dinidu_sandaruwan @sudhir_muramalla @dniedermayer @Mike.G @omila.ihalage @vinesh.kumar @avatin @SRE @madhu.boyina @tbangar @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA @JavierSainz @chenne @Larry.Collicott @carlcasbolt @damodarbashyal @abraham.liya @imesh.guruge @leonardo.andreotti @David.Bell @jfry @Ken.Howard @anandaramana.ramakri @anandaramana.ramakri @durante @valentin.romanov @Sujith.Nair @michaelp @mihai.iorga @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Carl.Schodde @michael.brown @stan.melamed @c.iuliano @james.ashworth1 @TimW @matt.rossi @brianchilders @rmiguel @ian.arsenault @darrell.scott @lior.avni @andrewnguyen @Farajoddin.Mohammed @vikramsawant99 @charles.lee @walter.pyne @ncorralreformam @Dkatzman @moses.arock @ravib @jchiao @josephyi @greg.schullo @Hayley_McIldoon @imranplay.devops @Suneelvks4 @tucker2 @Ralphm3 @yafar.valverde @marcoreni @jweyrich @barry.paul @geeth.madhusha @priyankar.prasad @bhupesh_bhatia @jason.leong @shruthivarkuti94 @bedwards @md.farhanmemon @devon.jue @cin_hlossolli @herrmannc @James.Brayton @aderse @brandon.g

If you don’t see your name here and think I missed you, let me know. And for all the rest - you have a few more days!


We did it @bhupesh_bhatia! :slight_smile:


Yay!!!..Can’t wait for it. :sunglasses:


@devon.jue get dat swag baggggg


I thought I completed all my steps, I’m not sure what I’m missing. Can you confirm @hross?


Looks like you can still go welcome some new Explorers who have joined us recently @atittle


Thanks! I appreciate the help figuring that out!

I have posted a welcome message in the March 13 welcome thread :slight_smile:


@hugo.pham swag bag!!


@hross Thank you so muchhhhhh.:sunglasses:
Waiting for :briefcase: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All done :slight_smile:


Let’s complete the list !


Hey @jlelli may be our missing T-shirt is in this swag pack, let’s try