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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



@olga.kulish - I chose you to join this contest! (=

P.S. Interesting what are delivery limitations.


@alexey.khripkov @gertjan.froberg come get swag quickly!


@ebeach for the win!


@admin61 for the win! :smiley:


@martin come and get swag quickly!


@les.marshall @sally.shakoor

fill out to get SWAG


Happy Fri-YAY everyone. I wanted to get in here as early as possible today and let you know who has completed all their Spring Cleaning. If you don’t see your name on the list, let me know so we can get you sorted before Monday morning when we flip the switch on this campaign. Congrats to all these people who have gotten through the list and can now enjoy their weekend chore-free:

@dinidu_sandaruwan @sudhir_muramalla @dniedermayer @Mike.G @omila.ihalage @vinesh.kumar @avatin @SRE @madhu.boyina @tbangar @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA
@JavierSainz @chenne @Larry.Collicott @carlcasbolt @damodarbashyal @abraham.liya @imesh.guruge @leonardo.andreotti @David.Bell @jfry @Ken.Howard @anandaramana.ramakri @durante @valentin.romanov @Sujith.Nair @michaelp @a.ratnaningsih @mihai.iorga @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Carl.Schodde @michael.brown @stan.melamed @c.iuliano @james.ashworth1 @TimW @agarcia @matt.rossi @brianchilders @rmiguel @ian.arsenault @darrell.scott @lior.avni @andrewnguyen @Farajoddin.Mohammed @vikramsawant99 @atittle @charles.lee @walter.pyne @ncorralreformam @Dkatzman @moses.arock @ravib @jchiao @admin51 @josephyi @greg.schullo @Hayley_McIldoon @imranplay.devops @Suneelvks4 @tucker2 @Ralphm3 @yafar.valverde @marcoreni @jweyrich @barry.paul @martin.miller @geeth.madhusha @priyankar.prasad @bhupesh_bhatia @jason.leong @shruthivarkuti94 @bedwards @md.farhanmemon @devon.jue @cin_hlossolli @christopherg1 @herrmannc @James.Brayton @aderse @brandon.g


@jgrover - c’mon down!


Welcome @adiah - see you around!


@rodo - welcome to nr forums!

PS … The 1024 thing was your idea … any thoughts?


Hello, I don`t see my name in the list. Could you check. Thanks :grinning:


I think i completed all the tasks, but cant see myself on the list


@Julian.Collins @minesh.medatwal Looks like both of you just have to comment on: Welcome New Explorers | March 6 2019


I have done that now :slight_smile:


Hey @minesh.medatwal - You just need to leave a welcome message to our new explorers here: Welcome New Explorers | March 6 2019


Hi hross – I don’t see my name on the list … did I miss something?


Hey @bhazard - I have you on the list as of this morning. I’ll post an update in a bit with what I think is the final list. Good work!


I have done that now.


Hi again folks -

Final update on this campaign coming at you! Congratulations to the 87 people who helped our community get to know each other better. Your avatars, bios, and welcoming messages are an important part of making this a place where you not only get answers, you build connections. Round of :clap: for all these fine folks:

@dinidu_sandaruwan @sudhir_muramalla @dniedermayer @Mike.G @omila.ihalage @kmaier @vinesh.kumar @avatin @SRE @madhu.boyina @tbangar @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA @JavierSainz @chenne @Larry.Collicott @carlcasbolt @damodarbashyal @abraham.liya @imesh.guruge @leonardo.andreotti @David.Bell @Julian.Collins @jfry @Ken.Howard @anandaramana.ramakri @durante @valentin.romanov @Sujith.Nair @michaelp @a.ratnaningsih @mihai.iorga @Ranjith.Ramachandran @Carl.Schodde @michael.brown @stan.melamed @c.iuliano @james.ashworth1 @TimW @agarcia2 @matt.rossi @brianchilders @rmiguel @ian.arsenault @darrell.scott @lior.avni @andrewnguyen @Farajoddin.Mohammed @vikramsawant99 @atittle @charles.lee @walter.pyne @ncorralreformam @Dkatzman @moses.arock @ravib @bhazard @jchiao @admin51 @josephyi @greg.schullo @Hayley_McIldoon @imranplay.devops @Suneelvks4 @tucker2 @Ralphm3 @yafar.valverde @minesh.medatwal @marcoreni @jweyrich @barry.paul @martin.miller @geeth.madhusha @priyankar.prasad @bhupesh_bhatia @jason.leong @shruthivarkuti94 @bedwards @md.farhanmemon @devon.jue @cin_hlossolli @christopherg1 @herrmannc @James.Brayton @aderse @brandon.g

You should already have an email with information about how to collect your mystery swag box (remember - we’re spring cleaning. Anything of any size could be in there!). Let us know if you are missing that email for some reason.


Hi, I think I have missed that email.