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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Think I missed that email too…


@hross Think I missed the e-mail too.


Thanks folks. @ebeach can take a look and get you a copy of the email via DM if need be. Hang tight!


Hi, Just checked no email in my inbox. Please send. thx


Hi, not received the email either. And not in the spam box. :frowning:


Not received either, can you dm here?


Hi @hross, if there is ever a t-shirt in the swag pack by any chance, may I request for an XL, please?


You can request it, but these boxes are going out completely randomly @jchiao. You’ll just have to live with the surprise:


Life is supposed to be full of beauty and surprises.


Hi, No email in my inbox. pls suggest.


No worries @minesh.medatwal - @ebeach can look into getting you the mail later today when she get’s online :smiley:


Haven’t received the email. Please check.


@zack.harvey try to see if you can get this!


@scott_rogers I will try


Mystery boxes in the making ya’ll.


Waiting my courier


Awesome! Be sure to let us know what you get in your Mystery Swag box :smiley:


Still Not received a bag.


Still working on getting them out the door—we had a lot of swag to pack up! :wink:

Thanks for being patient, @vikramsawant99!