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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Hey @MARTING15 - I do not see an “About me” or a title in your profile, which were both required. But don’t worry - there’s always another opportunity for swag just around the corner.


Any clue about shipping status my mystery SWAG box ?
–Too Excited To Wait–


Hey @shariquekhan - The boxes were shipped from the US, so we’ll need to wait till the US folks come online to check in on it for you.

@Linds - Could you see if we have a tracking number attached to @shariquekhan’s mystery box?


Ive also not seen a box of swag arrive


Hey @Julian.Collins - we can look into that for you :smiley:


Hey Julian @Julian.Collins ! It looks like you were a bit too late in completing all the things on the list so you don’t qualify for this particular prize at this time. Sorry!

As you know, there are lots of opportunities to win swag around here so look out for our next contest! :blush:


@RyanVeitch, @Linds - Any update on mystery box shipping?


Hmm, looks like we didn’t get back to you :confounded: Sorry about that, we’ll look into this today for sure!


Hey there @shariquekhan - sorry we missed the message. I am going to DM you with the ship details. Hang tight!


Got the details… Thanks


Is there still swag available? I haven’t received an email yet either.


Hey Ian! I am going to DM you your tracking number. Hold tight.




Hi @hross, @Linds, @ebeach,

I still haven’t received the swag pack yet. It is held at customs. The proper invoices were not submitted it seems and now the customs is asking me to pay 2800 Indian rupees to receive the package.
Kindly do the needful. This wasn’t a good experience though. The same has happened to @Suneelvks4 and @shruthivarkuti94
Imran Hussain


Hey @imranplay.devops - sorry to hear you’re having trouble with getting the swag through customs. I’m not sure what we might be able to do on our side, but I’ll chat with the team and we’ll get back to you.


Hi @RyanVeitch,

The customs officer at FedEx informed me, if the customs is paid by the sender. It will be considered and will be delivered. Kindly check and do the needful.
Imran Hussain


Hi @hross , @Linds, @ebeach, @RyanVeitch,

Even I am facing the same issue.I got a tax invoice from customs to pay an amount of 1023 Indian rupees to receive the package. Please look into this and do the needful.

Liya Abraham


Hey folks -

We’ll look into resending boxes for you. We worked hard to make sure that we set up the contest in a way that let us include winners from outside the United States. The downside is that we haven’t often shipped to India, and weren’t aware of the how customs worked. We’ll try again for you.


@hross I’m pretty disappointed I never received mine. Been waiting for over a month. Have no idea what the issue is. Here in the US, east coast.


Hey @ddownie - Since we sorted you out a little after the contest ended, we just didn’t get you in the sweep where the team of 3 folks sent out over 100 swag boxes. Apologies - it was a lot to manage. I just printed out your shipping form and am dropping of your box with FedEx shortly.