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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



#ScriptAllTheThings :smiley:


@dbashyal - free swag

Checklist completed for free swag


Retire to a tax-free country with your unicorn. They are just as likely as InboxZer0 :joy:


@SteveLin Checklist completed for free swag


@becker you need some freebies too!


Welcome @rafasistemas!


@Suneelvks4 Welcome. Lets do this buddy!!


Just posting here to join the spring cleaning event! I need to find a buddy to invite :slight_smile:


@imesh.guruge @iresha.kodikara @omila.ihalage @evantha.manikpura

mystery swag pack :star_struck::see_no_evil:


mystery swag :smiley:


@vaidyanathan.ramasub @yash.tongia @devarajan.veerabadra @anupam.jha


@Julian.Collins @nick.pont @tom.hyland I love the smell of free swag in the morning…

I think my checklist is complete :grin:


@atittle lets do it !!


@deeksha.sood onboarded.


@glory.udongo I told you this is a wonderful community to learn more about newrelic. I am glad you took my invite. Welcome!!!


a @omila.ihalage @evantha.manikpura


@Linds, this idea is awesome, bringing everyone together via slack :muscle:


@prasam check this out


Okay @imranplay.devops I am doing it now


@geeth.madhusha mystery swag pack ready :slightly_smiling_face: