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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



@imesh.guruge thanks for inviting me


@imesh.guruge @geeth.madhusha Thanks for the invites :love_you_gesture:


Imeash thanks for invite me


@ewan.forbes = C’mon Ewan, this is a great place to learn and pick up tips.


@Hayley_McIldoon…can’t wait for new relic swag


@Linds @Suneelvks4 checklist completed :checkered_flag:


@shariquekhan You got it!


@Linds - checklist completed, waiting for mystery swag price.


Crossing my fingers and hoping @blanchard is my boss … Come join me at the Explorers Hub! If you’re actually not my boss, but a total stranger, I do apologize, but maybe you should join, too!


@Jeremy.Hicks - I wonder if we will get a sweatshirt.


@darien.buchanan Lets get the surprise swag


Join this! @mbarletta


Hey @cblack, didn’t kow you were on the hub, join this!


I completed my checklist @Linds Waiting for Mystery New Relic swag packs :stuck_out_tongue:


Slack is completely blocked at our company. I hope you do not have plans to move the Explorers Hub completely to Slack.


That’s a pretty well restricted network @wkiNewRelic!! But no need to worry - we just use Slack for our Coffee Chats. The Explorers Hub isn’t moving there. :smiley:


Hi @Linds ,

Completed the checklist…Waiting for the swag pack… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you


@sandhya.rathinapandi Check this out !!


@dlerner lets get some swag… i have finished the checklist


@RyanVeitch i am unable to change profile picture. Other checklist completed. Is that ok to get the swag??