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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Hey @anandaramana.ramakri - Are you experiencing errors when trying to change your avatar? I’m eager to tackle that, in case it’s affecting more users.


Yes iam @RyanVeitch. It says “sorry could not upload image please try again”


Hey @anandaramana.ramakri - I just tested changing the profile pic of my personal account ( @ryan94 ) and that worked just fine. So it seems that the errors you’re facing are not a wider problem. Could you try change your avatar on a different network, or a different device? Or, simply clear out your browser cache and try again?


Thanks for the reply. I tried doing that but no luck. Ours is SAML integrated so not accessible outside corporate network. If i share my pic can you change it for me?


@anandaramana.ramakri - if you can DM me the photo I can try to update it for you :slight_smile:


I just sent email to you with my pic. Can you check your inbox?


@anandaramana.ramakri - Done :smiley:


You “the” man. Awesome!!. Am i now eligible for the swag? Can you check?


@lance.friday Join us bruh.!!!


@silvia check this out!!


Hey there @anandaramana.ramakri - I don’t see you on my list of folks who are complete. I think you are missing the job title in your profile. Can you double check that for me and let me know? I’ll update my query if need be.


Hey @wkiNewRelic - since you are blocked from joining our Slack group, I’ll make sure you get credit for that anyway so you can still win!


Hi everyone! Great work in week one of this campaign. 31 of you managed to complete the entire Spring Cleaning task list and will be rewarded for your diligence to keeping our community fresh and inviting! Here’s who has finished all their Honey Do’s:

@jchiao @bhupesh_bhatia @tucker2 @dniedermayer @jfry @imesh.guruge @charles.lee @ian.arsenault @leonardo.andreotti @brianchilders @imranplay.devops @Ranjith.Ramachandran @priyankar.prasad @Suneelvks4 @vinesh.kumar @madhu.boyina @damodarbashyal @jweyrich @Ken.Howard @barry.paul @dinidu_sandaruwan @Farajoddin.Mohammed @omila.ihalage @rmiguel @David.Bell @Dkatzman @mihai.iorga @moses.arock @matt.rossi @abraham.liya @Sujith.Nair

Want to double the swag you receive at your office? Encourage your coworkers to complete the challenge next week. More mystery boxes could be headed your way! We’ll send out an email to all the winners once the campaign is over to collect your preferred shipping address.

Not on the list and think you should be? Send me a DM and I’ll check it out.


Invited @aleksandr.maiorov1 to the party! We are enthusiastic users of New Relic at Learning Without Tears!


@hussainsclub welcome!! Lets do this.


@hross done. Please re-run your query and let me know if i am eligible now.


@shruthivarkuti94 Welcome!!! Lets do this…


@imranplay.devops @Suneelvks4 Exited to be here. Lets explore NewRelic. Thanks for the invitation.


I completed 4 days back, My name is missing from the list. Can you validate ?


Thanks for inviting.