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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



@imesh.guruge good to be here


@priyankar.prasad good to be here


Hey there @sudhir - I think you are missing a welcome message to our new Explorers. Just add a comment to this thread: Welcome New Explorers | March 6 2019

Do me a favor though and say something welcoming and meaningful. Let’s show our new Explorers how we all work together here!


You did it @anandaramana.ramakri - well played!


I did it 4days back.


You wrote that in THIS thread. I need you to do THIS:

:heavy_check_mark: Post a reply on a March 2019 Welcome New Explorers thread


Done Thanks for the clarification.


Hey @afeldman check out this thread!


@eric.leung let’s get some swag!!!


Welcome to the community @echarankudy.feba .


HI @hross

I’ve completed all tasks. But my name is missing. I’ve sent you a DM as well.
Please look into this.


Salut @yelouardi ! Des goodies New Relic à gagner si ça t’intéresse :smiley:


Thanks @geeth.madhusha - I had a character minimum set for the bio field and yours was under. Just lowered it since we never specified that was a requirement. Can confirm you’re all set now!


Hey, @daniel.payne! Come spring cleaning with me! :wink:


@larry_decker Let’s get that SWAG PACK. :slight_smile:


Welcome to my colleague @liam.mehl , Liam it would be helpful for you to join the slack channel as well possibly.


@hross checklist done and done, @liam.mehl might be worth you going through and doing same.


Welcome @jpulido :slight_smile:


@alex.kuznetsov - join the party, it’s a great place to be


All done :slight_smile: so excited