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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Confirming @james.ashworth1 - you are all set. Nice work!

#125 gotta get some decent swag unlike from that one sesh we went to lol


Ooh spill the tea, @devon.jue - What sesh were you at where the swag was sub-par? :joy: Genuinely curious.


just at one of those all-day New Relic courses in our area, they must’ve ran out or something haha


Oh I hate when that happens! Hopefully this challenge makes up for that! There is a lot of good swag to be had after this contest for sure. :tada:


Thank you very much @hross


When are we getting the mysterious swag? :slight_smile: … any approx date?


@anandaramana.ramakri - The Spring Cleaning contest is running through till the end of March - Once we finish up we’ll be packing up and shipping mystery swag packs. So not just yet, we’ll be in touch in early April to get eligible user’s shipping details :smiley:


@jcuervo get some swag here!


@Jeremy.Scott welcome to the Hub.


@hross Lets get some swag


@lbernardo FAQ imenso do New Relic


I think I am supposed to reply here and mention @johnathandos


Welcome @Pisetsak.Kol .


@anymore1988 get some swag here!


Hello again Explorers!

Thank you so much to all of you who are taking Spring Cleaning to heart! We love seeing so many more profile pics and bios as we work our way around the community. We’re here to help one another, and sharing who we are makes that easier, and more fun. We’re up to 51 of you who have made it all the way through:

@lior.avni @bedwards @jason.leong @shruthivarkuti94 @geeth.madhusha @charles.lee @Ranjith.Ramachandran @jfry @jweyrich @vinesh.kumar @Ken.Howard @barry.paul @imranplay.devops @ian.arsenault @andrewnguyen @lior.avni @ncorralreformam @bhupesh_bhatia @anandaramana.ramakri @Farajoddin.Mohammed @Dkatzman @moses.arock @matt.rossi @james.ashworth1 @avatin @josephyi @JavierSainz @devon.jue @cin_hlossolli @Sujith.Nair @Larry.Collicott @Suneelvks4 @tucker2 @SRE @dinidu_sandaruwan @omila.ihalage @rmiguel @David.Bell @mihai.iorga @anandaramana.ramakri @imesh.guruge @leonardo.andreotti @jchiao @brianchilders @priyankar.prasad @madhu.boyina @damodarbashyal @abraham.liya @dniedermayer @greg.schullo

If you do not see yourself on this list and think you should be, drop me a line and I will look into it for you.


@MARTING15 free swag?

checklist complete


@herrmannc free swag!


Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right @herrmannc and @marting15?


Swag bag @Venumadhav.N!