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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



@easyroads check this out, will get this together :wink:


Hi @Linds, completed all the steps. What’s next?
P.S. Mystery word doubles the excitement… :sweat_smile:


join us for some spring cleaning



@Linds - I never say no to free things


Ha! Me neither, @carlcasbolt. Me neither.


@andrew Never say no to free stuff.


@n.curde Thanks body, I also want those Swag Pack!


@Oscar.Lopez @oscar.lopez1 !!!


Done. Why the character minimum?


Love the avatar, @hetal.patel. My sister is afraid of Mr. Bean so I send her a picture of him every year on her birthday. :joy:

The character minimum simply exists to ensure that we get a more valuable contribution to the community than simply: “done” or “+1”. :wink:

Happy you are participating for the swag pack!


@albino finally…make me win!!

#157 Come join. It’s swag time.


Free Slack and more!!!


Can you confirm, Im done with the list or missing anything?


Hi, can you confirm whether Im done with the list or missing anything?


Can you confirm am i included in the list


@Ram.Venkat and @sudhir_muramalla - If you did the entire checklist you will be eligible for a swag pack! Feel free to go back through the list to double check you have done everything thoroughly!

@Ram.Venkat Heads up: you will need to update your profile picture and bio (in your profile) to win! :blush:

Happy Spring Cleaning, all!


Hi @sudhir_muramalla I can confirm that you have completed all the tasks and are all set. Good work!

@ram.venkat - You are close. I see two things missing right now. First, I don’t see your email address in our Slack group. Did you perhaps join with a different email than the one you use here? Secondly, you’ll need to welcome some New Explorers to our community. Here’s the latest post that you can comment on: Welcome New Explorers | March 13 2019


@Linds @hross Suppose I should ask the question as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there anything I’m missing?


Yep @walter.pyne - you are done! Congrats!