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Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest



Saying hi to @bhupesh_bhatia and inviting @Anthony_Tham to join in the swag fun!


Yay we are mystery swag pack ready… @Hayley_McIldoon, @Anthony_Tham. Let’s go.


Inviting @royce.nobles to participate in the contest


Inviting @Subramanian to join for some Swag!


@Tzafrir.Kost Come join the New Relic community. [redacted email address for privacy]

split this topic #171

A post was split to a new topic: Create NRQL baseline alert for External services based on name of the external service


@JonBrown - get into it


Is there anything left for my workmate @SteveLin to complete? He says he finished all.


I ran out of time to go check out our Slack instance, but it at least looks like he has not welcomed any new Explorers yet. Have @SteveLin go check out the list again.


I’ve done everything on this list except invite Friends. I’m the only person interested in using this in my company. Sad I know but it’s true.

Anyone out there willing to be my friend?


Welcome @openreply.ops


@pdp join explorers!


@ddownie I am here. Uh, now what?


@f.fu Lucky for you, you now have thousands of new friends! And if a box of cool swag doesn’t make your colleagues want to learn about New Relic, I don’t know what will. :wink:


@brad.anil check this out.


@f.fu well of course!


Hello Team, Hope to learn from all of you.


@nr11 Swag is always welcome


@hross or @RyanVeitch can anyone please confirm my submission? I have completed all. What’s the next step? (Don’t want to miss free stuff this time atleast)


Hey @md.farhanmemon - Holly has a query she can run to confirm when she’s online later today :smiley: