Time stamps in the API response

The time stamps are 1 min behind the requested timestamps.

@trail - Can you provide some additional context and clarification here? Are you saying your GET request is pulling data with timestamps 1 minute behind the call?

@dkoyano Yes, as you can see in the attached LHS screenshot the request from & to time are:
11:59 to 12:01 (Querying 2 min data), but response JSON has timeslices from:
11:58 - 11:59 & 11:59 - 12:00

Same in case of RHS screenshot. This is happening randomly and very intermittent. We do not have any other context. Let me know if you need any specific details.

  • Trail

@trail - Do the timestamps also differ when running the API call from a terminal? What are you using to make these calls?