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is it supposed to work?
tried it, but got spammed (~45G of stacktraces in 15 minutes) with the following errors:

[E 181024 17:45:07 transaction_cache:129] Runtime instrumentation error. Attempt to to save the transaction when one is already saved. Report this issue to New Relic support.

followed by:

[E 181024 17:45:07 ioloop:638] Exception in callback (<socket._socketobject object at 0x7f4f83af0130>, <function null_wrapper at 0x7f4f83ae95f0>)


@mrozentsvayg Could you let me know how you are starting your app? Are you integrating the Python agent with the wrapper script or manually? Are you using any of the agent APIs? Could you also send a link to the application you are having trouble with?


i’m using newrelic-admin as a wrapper.
in fact, i had to add this to ini:

feature_flag = tornado.instrumentation.r3

to make it work with tornado4


It looks like we are working with you in a private support ticket on this @mrozentsvayg - If you get a resolution to that ticket, be sure to follow up here for the rest of our community who may get help from that resolution.