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Traces for errors are not appearing


we were being shown the contents of our error traces earlier but now the error traces are not being displayed and we’re being instructed to forward to this forum.

Failed to load this error trace.

This may be a temporary failure. Please contact support if the failure persists.


This is happening for us as well. The trace does appear if you drop back into the old errors UI (‘Errors’ in the sidebar instead of ‘Error analytics’).


thank you. his was super helpful


Hi @carl7 and/or @chin.lw,

Can you link us to the place in your UI where you’re seeing this so we can take a look? (Only New Relic staff and authorized users on your account will be able to view it.)



upon checking, it’s working again and we could see our errors listed now under error analytics when we click on a listed error

thanks to @chin.lw for providing an alternative where we could take a look if there’s a similar situation in the future


Thanks so much for confirming this is working for you now :smiley: