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Track New Relic Certification Status



Did some training with my team, they passed the New Relic Certified Performance Exam last Friday but have not received their certifications yet.

Is there any way to get a status on the issuance of a certification? In the ‘New Relic Certification Program
and Preparation’; it states successful applicants will receive the certification “within one business day”. Thus, they are concerned they wont receive their certs.

Any help on this is appreciated.


Hey @lars.finlay - Issuing certificates is a manual process so there can sometimes be a delay in when that happens. The APM certification is run by @philweber’s team though, so he’ll be better equipped to look into it for you :slight_smile:


Hi, @lars.finlay: The certification program has been more popular than we anticipated; we have exhausted the number of certificates we purchased from our third-party certification authority! We have purchased more, and are waiting for them to be added to our account; all pending certificates will be issued shortly. Thank you for your patience!


@philweber - Sounds like you could do with using Insights to assist with certificate capacity planning :grin:



Keep up the great work! I enjoyed the experience when I did my certification. I appreciate that the information and certification are readily available and free.


Glad you enjoy the certification @monitoringLife - I’ve got to be honest, I was a little embarrassed when I didn’t pass first time! :joy: