Tracking Browser network connection types, speed, etc

One of the aspects of New Relic Mobile that our team uses is to segment errors and events based on the client’s connection type. This helps to highlight things that are unique to wifi vs cellular users, etc.

What I am looking for is someway to do similar tracking for our browser clients via the New Relic Browser agent. Is there anything already in place that gives us that type of tracking.

The closest that I have found so far is to use custom attributes on PageView/PageAction events that record this. The data would come from the JavaScript NetworkInformation APIs as described in Granted those APIs are experimental and do not have support for all major browsers, so they would have to be enabled only for browsers that support them.

Are there better ways for us to be tracking this information? Is the browser agent able to do this out of the box for us?

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Hi @sash, out of the box, the Browser agent will collect data on which browser a user is using, which version of that browser, and which platform type (mobile, tablet, desktop). Custom attributes are the best way to go for this at the moment.

Another user has added this as a Feature Idea here in the hub so it would be worth adding your use-case and voting on this, as the more support these ideas get the better :smiley:

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