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Transaction showing obsolete custom segments which are no longer being pushed



I’ve 3 workers implemented in Go, all of them were using custom segments to track database operations and external service communication. Eventually moved to using NewRelic’s DataStoreSegments and External Service Segments for the same.

For 1 of the worker, the UI started reporting the new segments correctly and the old segments were gone (ideal and expected).

For the other 2, the new segments had appeared as expected, however, in the chart legend just below the Transaction Graph, the older segments were also listed, even when their corresponding values were not there in the chart (rightly so as I’m no longer pushing those, hence I feel it’s a UI issue rather than APM Client).

Any insight on why is this happening would be great, because it’s just creating a clutter which is undesirable.



Application Permalink :[end]=1584690533&tw[start]=1584688733&type=all#id=5b224f746865725472616e73616374696f6e2f476f2f524154436f6e73756d65222c22225d
RATConsume has correct behaviour, while KPTConsume and RPTConsume does not.


Hi @saksham.saxena,

I was looking at those transactions but I cannot spot any differences (maybe because we don’t know what to expect).
Could you send us a screenshot explaining which segments should not be there?

As far as I see now, they seem pretty similar. Wouldn’t you be looking at a time frame that still had some remainings of the old segments? If you change the time frame to look at i.e. the last 24 hours, do the old segments still show?

Another test you can do is to collect some debug logs and make sure you invoke those transactions during the log capturing. Then look at the logs and see if you can find any of the old segments. That will rule out if the issue is from the agent/instrumentation or the UI.

Let us know how it goes!



The transaction has only 2 segments (external grpc call and MongoDB UPDATE datastore segment). The other ones in green,red,yellow,blue are no longer being pushed, yet they seem to show up. This is the unexpected behaviour.

I’ll try enabling logging in a few days.


Hi @saksham.saxena,

Thanks for the screenshot.
It would really be helpful to look at some logs. Let us know when you get them.

If you prefer to share them through a ticket let us know and we’ll create one for you.



Thanks @ccastro. We’re actually deprecating these workers, so wont be putting the effort to debug this further, since this was the only exceptional case.
Thanks for the tips though. Appreciate it.


Thanks for letting us know!

Feel free to post again if you have further questions :smiley: