Transaction traces get "Oops! Something went wrong."

I can’t see most transaction traces. Always get error “Oops! Something went wrong.”
It is really big problem for me because that trace should show cause of inaccessibility of my project.
I can see some other traces tho.
And second question - is this a right place to get support help? I’m sorry if it is not because I just can’t find any other way to contact support.

Hi, @newrelic355: Yes, this is the right place to get support. Please do not repost your question; someone will respond as soon as possible.

Hi there @newrelic355 -

I took a look at the account associated with your email address and I did not actually see any agents reporting. Could you please share a permalink from the account where you are seeing this behavior?

Hello @hross
Permalink -

Hello again @newrelic355 -

I am also seeing the error with the link you posted, but can view all other transaction traces. Are you still seeing the error consistently?