Transactions - Breakdown table - Query

Hi all,

First of all sorry if this question has been already asked but I do not find the solution in any place.

I am trying to create a query to get the “Average Calls/Transaction” for each segment in a transaction. This value is already shown in the Breakdown table if you select a Transaction.

I am able, for example, to get the average calls in a path but not splitted into segments.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hey @tech-saas

That data is not easily queryable - do you have a specific goal for that data? There is some work being done on making some of the APM metric data being more and more queryable - but it’s not fully there yet.

For example a query like this one can help to replicate (to a degree) the Web Transaction Overview chart from the APM summary page:

from Metric select average(apm.service.overview.web) where appName = 'WebPortal' facet segmentName timeseries 

But otherwise, a lot of the data is not yet queryable.