Transactions for one APM show tag, others don't

Considering two of our APM applications: ARIInsights.Driver and ARIInsights.Ariaccessweb.

Both run on the same set of servers.

Both have been given the tag “Appname: INSIGHTS.PROD” (“INSIGHTS” here does not refer to NewRelic Insights, but to our actual product called Insights).

However, this query

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction FACET appName LIMIT MAX WHERE `tags.Appname` = 'Insights.PROD'

only returns ARIInsights.ARIAccessWeb, not ARIInsights.Driver.

A more detailed query

SELECT timestamp, appName, `tags.AppName` FROM Transaction WHERE appName = 'ARIInsights.Driver' 

shows that the tags.Appname column is blank for all transactions for this app.

What could be wrong with this?

Hi, @rpresser: I am moving your question to the Application Performance Monitoring topic, which is monitored by tech support (Data Queries and Synthetics Scripts is not), because it seems to me that your question is about APM’s behavior regarding tags, rather than how to write a particular query.

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Update: the second app (and others in the group) showed up when viewed this morning. Perhaps a nightly application pool recycle was responsible?

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