Transferring Ownership of Account

we need to transfer the ownership of our account. I already tried to write to your pop up chat, unfortunately without any reaction.
Could you help me please?

Best regards,
Daniel Gross

Hi there @daniel.gross -

If the current owner is still available, they can make this change themselves per this documentation:

But let me know if your owner is NOT available and we can get you started on making that update with our team.

@hross That documentation appears to be grossly out of date.

  1. Go to: account dropdown > Account settings > Account > Users and roles.
  1. There is no “account settings” in the account dropdown.
  2. To make matters worse, the “account dropdown” link in that first step, leads to a screenshot showing a GUI of ancient history.
  3. There is no “account settings”, so to get to “Account” and then “users and roles” is not possible with these instructions.

There is however, an “Administration” link. And there I can find “Users and Roles.” However, there is no option to change owner. I am the owner. I created the New Relic account and manage billing. However, there is absolutely nothing in the interface to confirm this. Additionally, there is no indication that any user in the list is the owner, either.

Clearly, there are blatant deficiencies here:

  1. The documentation is out of date.
  2. All support threads on this forum appear to be out of date, as well.
  3. The interface is not adequate in providing the necessary information for the user to complete or troubleshoot the task.

Hi @sean72 -

Apologies. I heard you ask about changing the account owner and just defaulted to some older documentation in my response. I should have looked into your account first. You are on the new user model, and there is actually no “owner” on the new account model type.

You are on our new model so those docs are absolutely outdated for you. In addition, I took a look and can see that you also do not have access to user management according to the correct documentation. So, I’m making a case for you with our account team so that they can get some more details from you (that we would not want to publish in a forum). Please be on the lookout for an email.