Tried to cancel account - the invoices keep coming!

I put in our cancellation of the services at the end of September and got 2 big invoices for the minimum term. Yet since then we are still getting invoices and renewal emails.

Now when I go to subscription management in my account I get a message saying " This is a New Relic account which has special pricing terms and privileges. To request changes to your subscription, please contact our sale team using [this form]. I tried filling that form in on 26th October but have heard nothing back, unsurprisingly the sales team don’t seem very keen on speaking to someone who wants to cancel.

Can you please help?, I’m one step away from just disputing the payments with the credit card provider. thanks

@redweb Sorry that this has been a frustrating experience for you. I have opened a ticket so that your request can be routed to our billing team.