Trouble setting up PagerDuty account level integration in Workflows

I’m trying to setup a new Pagerduty 2 way sync integration via workflows. When I configured the API key via Destinations and clicked “Test Connection”, it seemed to be happy with the key. And when I’m configuring the destination, it’s able to enumerate the different services in Pagerduty. However, it gets hung up on selecting a User. No autocomplete options show. Is this a NR user or Pagerduty user?

Ah figured it out. You have to be on Pagerduty’s Business tier plan to get this to work.

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Hi @jasper13

Thanks for reaching out, sorry for the delay here. Not sure how this one slipped past us, apologies.

Great to see you figured it out and thanks for updating us with how you did this.

I have gone ahead and marked solution on your previous post, so that other community members can see this answer easier.

Wishing you a good day.