Troubleshoot Kubernetes integration with EKS


I have an AWS EKS cluster.
Following the documentation I created the yaml file for setup the New Relic integration, using the “Set up Kubernetes” wizard.

For setup I have selected options:

I have created namespace “newrelic” and deployed yaml to my EKS:
kubectl apply -f newrelic.yaml -n newrelic

After the deployment, I made sure that the services started and there are no errors in the log

After this, I can see metrics on Kubernetes dashboard, host metrics. However, I don’t see any information or metrics in my Kubernetes cluster explorer and any log messages.

At first I thought there was a problem in the EKS cluster. I have created a new test cluster and deployed this newrelic.yaml manifest, but the problem is the same.
After that, I generated a similar integration in my personal newrelic account (id: 2941535) and it works great.
I tried to look at the difference between the two yaml file but this file the same. The only difference is the license key.

Can someone help us determine the issue in our account?


Hi @development86, Sorry you have been waiting awhile for a response from our community.
I’m going to bring this back to the attention of our support team. Thanks for your patience!

Neal Mc

Hi @development86, thanks for reaching out to us with your question!

I was trying to look into this issue on your account but I don’t see any K8s clusters reporting there. When trying to access the K8s cluster explorer page that you linked I get an entity not found message - has this integration been disabled?

Thank you for your response!
Everything was solved by creating and migrating to a new NewRelic account.
This request can be closed

Thanks for sharing your solution on the community @development86!