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Troubleshoot Kubernetes integration with Infrastructure




We have an AWS EKS cluster running with 5 nodes.
Following the documentation we created the yaml file for setup the New Relic integration, using the “Set up Kubernetes” wizard.

We have selected:

  1. Kube state metrics
  2. Prometheus metrics
  3. Kubernetes events

and later deployed it using kubectl just like in the instructions.

All the newly created services seem to be running with no errors/crashes, but the Set up Kubernetes page still says “The data check timed out. Click on the button to try again.” in the last step.

Can someone help us determine the issue in our account?



Hi @jfazzini1 - I’m assuming the error message was seen with Step 6 of the wizard when it prompts you to listen for data.

This is the expected output:

In order for us to get more visibility can you please provide a link to the Kubernetes Cluster Explorer page in your account.

Could you please alos verify that the daemonset has all the pods ready and available by running the command below:

kubectl get ds -l app=newrelic-infrastructure