Tv Mode in custom Nerdlet

Add Tv Mode option in nerdlet

Does anybody know if it is possible to add a tv mode option in a custom nerdlet? I would like to see my nerdlet in full screen as the dashboards do in tv mode but I don’t know how can I achieve that.

@jsius or @dgolden any thoughts on this TV mode questions?

Update: I already find out how to open tv mode from a header button.

What I did is to create a link that appends to the url
And it works.

But, to achieve that I have a hidden link that triggers on click on a header action button

componentDidMount() {
      actionControls: true,
      actionControlButtons: [
          label: 'Tv Mode',
          type: Button.TYPE.PRIMARY,
          hint: 'Tv Mode',
          onClick: () => this.openTvMode(),

openTvMode() {; // Emulate click on ref

// In render a hidden link
  ref={e => this.tvModeLink = e}> // ref
  Tv Mode

To get the nerdlet Url you can do something like:

navigation.getOpenNerdletLocation({id: 'your-nerdlet-id'});

If someone has a better approach please add it in the comments.

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@dpena Super star :star_struck: Thanks for sharing how you were able to figure out the TV mode situation. Curious to hear other members approaches as well…

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