Two accounts same email

We are experiencing an issue where we have 2 accounts linked to one email address. We have been unable to access the needed account via new relic one and unsuccessful reaching out to support.

Has anyone been able to merge the two or recover the original account?

Hey @ops5

If you have multiple accounts, you should see this prompt when you attempt to log in:

Once you validate the email address you’ll be shown multiple accounts that you can log in to.

Hello @RyanVeitch,

Thank you for your reply. While we have been able to load it this way we are wondering if there is no way to change our default account, the email on the 2nd account, or disable the unneeded account.

When we attempted to change the email address in account settings everything was greyed out, but we do not use SSO to log in. I saw in a separate post where you had replied that the “Switch to EU center” is now in the right-hand dropdown but I am not seeing that option either.

Hey @ops5

I’ll get you in touch with our accounts experts who can help out :smiley: Watch out in your email for that

I have two accounts with my email. Due to this the I am not able to access the organisation data. Can you please help in removing my personal account.

@rapoplai I have reached out to our accounts team so they can assist you with this issue :slightly_smiling_face: They will reach out to you shortly by email to assist you with this issue.